We took a break yesterday, so session two commenced this afternoon.  It was HOT; Daddy drank for a good twenty minutes afterwards (I swear) out of one of those doggy water fountains, then he laid down next to the fountain and kept drinking, then just put the whole side of his head in the bowl and half-heartedly lapped.  I […]

We survived Day One!  It ended up being an afternoon run, and that Texas sun hit behind a cloud for most of our 20 minutes, thank baby jesus.  I actually thought Daddy had passed out after the final jogging stretch– he just hit the ground– but it turns out the little guy had a sticker […]

Decided to begin the Pooch to 5k challenge with my sweet dog, Daddy (who is named after this good boy). Daddy was stoked to hear the news. The inspiration to do this came a few weeks ago, when I learned that my best friend’s mom was diagnosed with a Grade IV Glioblastoma, a very aggressive […]